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Bigo pk

How are you guys
I hope all is well
Good friends, in today’s application I am going to tell you if you have talent.
So you can easily make a lot of money sitting at home.

earn money at home

And the funny thing is that not a single rupee is invested in it
All you have to do is create an ID
With this talent you have to collect diamonds from all over the world
And they will send you to your fans in the form of diamonds
In return you get paid. There is a regular monthly celery.
Much has been written on Google about the app I’m talking about.

earn money with playing games

But today I am going to tell you that there are some games in this app.
How You Can Make Money With These Games
I have many acquaintances
Who are earning millions of rupees per month through these games
So let me give you a sneak peek at them.

The first game I am talking about is called Bigo Grady, so a brother wrote a great article on Google about Bigo Grady Tips.

bigo greedy download

You can go to Google and search
There is an article called Bego Grady Formula
But now what I’m telling you is how games are played

How does it make money?

He said that money has to be paid for what one has to invest
I will guide you through this.

You saw the picture above
In it you see the vegetables in which the tomato leaves peel the carrots and on the other side the four things we call them burgers, barbecue, 25 & 45
People also call it stick.

10 bigo greedy tips

This is what happens if you put ten diamonds on one point.
If that point is reached, you get four times more diamonds. If you add ten, you will get forty diamonds with it.

Similarly, if you put ten diamonds on a sandwich
And when it comes to sand, you get nine percent more, 90 percent more
If you have planted ten
So you will get one hundred diamonds. Similarly, if you put on a barbecue, you will get one hundred and fifty diamonds.

So that’s how people make money.

You may be thinking that this is a diamond.

What can we do about a diamond?

Friends, when you have ten thousand diamonds.
So you have ten thousand diamonds
They sell for hundreds of dollars
If there is no buyer from you then my contact number is Connect with me I will buy from you.

vegetables with high fiber

And it also happens if you put ten diamonds on all the vegetables.
So sometimes the salad also hits. When it comes, you will get back 200 diamonds instead of 40 diamonds.

pizza king

The same thing applies with pizza
If you have ten diamonds on all mats
So you’ve got forty diamonds
If the pizza arrives, you’ll get back nine hundred and fifty diamonds
If you put 40 diamonds, you will get back nine hundred and fifty diamonds.

diamond exchange

You can also do Bigo Pay Hosting
The advantage of hosing is that you get 20,000 diamonds monthly
So the beggars take about forty percent of it
The rest you get in terms of celery.

hosting jobs

Let me make it clear here that each country has its own calculation.

Some even get 70 percent.
Somewhere the same percentage is also found.

yummy bigo

Now let’s talk about another game, how we can make money from this game. Friends, the name of this game is Amy.
Amy’s name comes to mind
Do you have water in your mouth?

This is really a fun thing to do, friends
I am telling you in their rules from which you will easily understand how these games are played.

yummy bigo slot machine

bigo fisher

Game Description

Step 1. select the fish gun level

Step 2. Launching fish gun

Step 3. Capture rewards

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