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Today I am going to tell you some ideas for making money from internet
Some of these ideas you may have read and some of the money making ideas you may not have read.

But what is going to be unique in my article today is that you will find all the A 2 Z ideas of making money in this one article.
In this article I will tell you about YouTube, Facebook, Google through AIDS and affiliate including Google affiliate, game affiliate,
I mention affiliate again and again because if you earn 10$ through AIDS
So earn fifty dollars through affiliate.
Let’s start with social media first then Google Apps affiliate

How To Make Money From YouTube?

If you have Gmail ID and consistency then YouTube platform is enough to make money.

Below I will give you an SEO tips
With just 30 videos of yours, all the requirements of YouTube ie four thousand hours and one thousand subscribers will be fulfilled.

how do you join the youtube partner program

And I will also tell you how to make contacts and where to get them
Is it necessary to use color light for YouTube videos?

And what are the best software for editing YouTube videos?

I will also tell you how and where to get the keyword and if you are shy then how to make a video.
let’s start.
Who and how can make money from YouTube?

You belong to any field like sports, fashion, drawing, art, photographer, animation, chef, technology, mobile repairing, web developer, state agent etc. etc.
So you can earn money by uploading new content of your field on YouTube.

Note: I am not mentioning how to create a YouTube channel here because you have heard this method a thousand times.

how do you make money from youtube

Today you will read only new things.

Yes, if you specialize in any of the above mentioned categories then it is your personality.
For example, you are a chef. You make great food This is your personality.

Then let me give you an example of what kind of restaurant chef you are.

You will get monthly celery when you serve food to restaurant people every day or at every function. As long as the views on your video keep coming, you will continue to earn from it
You can apply this example to all categories.

Where to get YouTube video keywords?

Let me tell you about a keyword search tool
With this tool you can check its monthly search and keyword difficulty

Is content more important in YouTube or Tham Nil?
I would advise you that both are very important. Catchy Thumbnail is important so that the viewer is forced to click on your Thumbnail and then the content.
How long has your video been viewed because YouTube tools tell you how long this video has been viewed?
If the watch time is high then YouTube will top your video in search results.

YouTube Video SEO Tips

The title of the video you gave after sucking the keyword from the keyword search tool should then appear in your description and also in the hashtags and tags.
See if your video content is new, you will soon be at the top.

And try to make videos on trending topics
For example, if you make a video on sports, if there is a football or cricket World Cup going on, make a video on it.
And if you are a teacher then give some tips to the kids when there are board exams then when your channel was grouped you will have a lot of sponsors come to advertise our product
Then you can take the requested amount
Because everything has a time
But now is the time for talented craftsmen like you.

And if you record your own video in front of your camera, be sure to use ring light.

best youtube video editing software free

First I will tell you about six video editor apps
Which will be without watermark and the funny thing is that all the apps are free.

video leap





VSDC Free video editer

You tube video editor paid apps

Filmora x




Adobe Premiere Rush.

how to make money from your facebook page

You need 4,000 hours of watch time and 1,000 subscribers to monetize your friends on YouTube.

Similarly, there are 10,000 followers on Facebook
So you can earn money by having your videos show Prides

And when you have more followers, you can get good sponsorship money

And the third way to make money on Facebook is that you can make money by sharing affiliate link with whenever you post on Facebook page.

And the fourth way to make money on Facebook is to make money by selling your product, for example, if you sell mobile.
So the mobile you want to sell
Upload all the features and photos of this mobile to the Facebook page.

As soon as you post, you will get the Boost Post option under the post.
You can run your ad in any city or country by clicking on it and giving some money to Facebook.

You can make money this way too but this method is paid.

what games can you make money playing

You probably know that people have been coming to social media since the lockdown
Especially kids keep playing games. I thought why don’t you play games and earn some money.

Some of these games will be without any investment
And there will be some where you will earn by making some investment.


Winzogold app

Mgamar app

Qurera pro app

bigo greedy

ludu supreem.

what affiliate marketing

Friends, the affiliate program that I will mention here will be the applet program which will benefit you every month.
Note: These programs are without any investment
If you’re a blogger or a blogger, you could easily make thousands of dollars a month.

NO 1. Semrush
Let me make it clear here that Sam Rush will give you a commission if you have a thousand website traffic or a thousand followers on any social media and when someone subscribes to your link.
So you get ڈالر 200 commission
And when the user renews, you will continue to get forty percent commission

No 2 Cloudways
This affiliate program is about hosting
There are two ways to get commission. Number one (slab) You get commission from fifty dollars to one hundred and fifty dollars.
But after that you will not get any commission.
In number two (Hybrid) you will get 30 30 per cell and seven percent lifetime commission.

No 3 Wazirix Referral program
Any user who comes here from your link will transact through it
So you get fifty percent of the transaction fee.

No 4 Tubebuddy
If you are a youtuber then you must know this software
You can get 50% commission on each cell from here

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