money making games


1. About the game

The moment you decide to play a game is the moment you can begin the process of making money from it. Why? Because if you don’t play, you won’t earn.For example: If you decide to make a game that requires zero effort, then you will most likely get no profit from it. A great example is facebook games, which are essentially tributes to your friends or family members. To monetize them or make money through them is a difficult feat, but not impossible.To summarize: Games are awesome because they allow us to have fun without having to do much.

2. How to play the game

Making money is hard. There are tons of games out there that promise to help you make it a lot easier. And for some, it does work. But for many others, it doesn’t provide the results they’re looking for. Large corporations have spent billions of dollars on advertising over the past several decades and have managed to create a seemingly endless stream of products aimed at making their players feel better about their financial condition.But what happens when people start to not like their job or their life? When they’re unhappy with the way things are going? When they don’t feel like money can buy them happiness?These are just some of the concerns that I had while writing The 5 Star Secrets Of Money Making Games which will change your life forever if you use this information correctly!

3. Tips to make money

What is money?Money is the amount of money you make when you play games on your phone. The amount of money you make can vary, but a good rule is that most games that earn money, get more than $100 per day per person playing.So, what are the best games to make money playing? Here are my recommendations:1.) Candy Crush Saga ($5-$5.5)2.) Clash Royale ($2-$2.5)3.) Pokemon Go ($10+/day)4.) Angry Birds ($5-$10+/day)5.) Clash Royale (Free-to-play)

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