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rules to saving money

How are you guys?

I hope all is well. Friends, you also guess that 2022 is coming.

Last year was very bad for me financially.

This time I sat down and thought about what changes I can make in my life in the coming year.
I have thought of twelve ways for myself
I thought I’d share with you what I thought
Maybe a brother will benefit
I will give you this advice too
Make a plan of what your goals are for the coming year, just as the budget for the financial year is presented.

One thing to note here is that it is not necessary that the twelve ways I am telling you financially are necessary for every individual.

money saving account

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either
First of all you have to consider 2021
What did we do last year?
Because of which we were at a loss
I would advise you to fix it for one night and sit down at night with a copy pen
And we have to write on the copy. We made this mistake last year. Next year we will correct these mistakes.

No. 2
Create a roadmap for your development
Assess your financial status, how much money you have in total, how much money you owe people
Where we have invested, how many plots we have, how many cars we have, and so on
But in 2022, at the beginning of each month, you have to calculate how much I have saved this month.

Nowadays it has become very easy to calculate all these because many mobile apps have come or you can write it down on Excel sheet etc.

No. 2
Don’t invest in all kinds of commercial apps
Especially in those apps which are beneficial in short term but if you invest in popular apps you will also find a link about it.

No. 4
Invest in Indian Funds If you are an investor or you have a few hundred dollars and you want to increase it, the best choice is index fund.

No. 5
See a financial specialist
If you have money or you are retired then you have no idea where to invest it.
So you will find very good financial specialists who will give good advice
Where to invest money
Or meet with a real estate agent who will tell you which housing society is best for investing.

No. 6
Find a new business If you are tired of running a business, you can start a new business
If you do not understand the new business, you can use Google or YouTube.

No. 7
Monitor your own accounts
Because this is the digital age that you know
Digital theft is also happening. Your money can be transferred to another account at any time
So you don’t have to tell anyone your password, email, etc. Do all these things yourself.

No. 8
Dare to take your right
If you are working in another bank or factory you will be working on the same salary in 2021. In 2022 you should talk to your manager and tell them to increase our salary.
Let me also tell you an app that has a lot of guidance make it.

No. 9
Improve your credit score
If you take a loan from a bank, follow your terms and conditions.
Or borrow from a friend and pay it back on time
So that you can get it tomorrow if you need it.

No. 10
Do what you can
Or don’t get involved in something you don’t know how to do.

No. 11
Learn about digital currency and remember not to put all the eggs in one basket.

No. 12
Increase your savings rate
If you saved 100 dollars last year, save 110 dollars this year.
Friends, I hope you like the little plan
In the coming days, there will be many useful articles on this website.
Take care of yourself

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